5 Things Wealthy and Successful People Do

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After embarking on my own self-development journey, I began studying many successful entrepreneurs who have made millions or billions of dollars in revenue and asked myself “what are the habits of successful people?” I dissected why people like Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet made it in their careers and I looked for commonalities that existed.

I also watched a video from Project Life Mastery that talks about the many habits of wealthy people.  After much research, I wanted to break down five of the common habits wealthy and successful people have that have contributed to their success and I also wanted to challenge you, the reader, to evaluate which habits you could implement into your life today.


Mark Cuban reads for 3 hours a day, Warren Buffet reads a book a week and Mark Zuckerburg said that in 2015 he aimed to read one book every 2 weeks.  Are you seeing a trend yet? Many of the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs took time out of their busy schedule to read and invest in their minds.  From that, they could glean information that their competitors couldn’t be bothered with and could rise above them in business.

These people didn’t just read fiction, they read books that benefitted them and their business.  Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker, said that Warren Buffet would read Forbes Magazine from 1962 because the people in that time were successful and “success does not have a year on it”.

What both Eric Thomas and Warren Buffet mean by this is that it is important to read things that you can replicate into your own life and business and it doesn’t matter how old the content is.  If it brought people success 55 years ago, it can bring you success today.

This is because the principles of success in your life are timeless, there is a reason why Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People has been selling for 80 years after its publication.  It is because the information that leads to success is timeless.


Mark Zuckerburg wears the same kind of clothes every day and says this helps him from having “decision fatigue”. Steve Jobs would eat the same meals every day.  Now you don’t necessarily have to follow their habits and way of life to the letter and I advise that you don’t because the extremes that worked for them may not work for you.

But you can extract a good lesson from how people like Zuckerburg go about their lives.  They focus on what’s necessary and do not want to waste valuable time and energy on things that are unimportant to their success.

Steve Jobs did not want to burden his mind with deciding on what to eat every day so he simplified it by just eating the same meals every day.  That way he could dedicate his mental resources to business and innovation.

Exercise and Health

Barack Obama has been known to work out 45 minutes every day.  Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery works out early in the morning as part of his morning routine. Rich and successful people emphasize physical health and know that a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind and vice-versa.

You never hear of a successful millionaire or billionaire who hasn’t exercised consistently or hasn’t followed a healthy lifestyle and that is because success is dependent on your body’s health.  Following a good diet and exercising regularly will tune your body to handle the stressors that you must face to become successful in life and business.

Early to Rise: 

Many successful people from Benjamin Franklin to Richard Branson have a common denominator of waking up early in the morning.  Branson has said that he will go to bed with the curtains open and wake up to the sunrise at 5:45 am.  Benjamin Franklin would wake up at 4 am and ponder on the day ahead. Successful people wake up early so they can work on themselves and get a head start on the day.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I can guarantee you that most of your competition refuses to get up earlier than 6:30 am, which gives you an edge over them if you can muster the discipline to wake up at 4 or 5.  Just like with successful people, waking up this early will give you the time to reflect on the day, work out and get some of your daily goals accomplished ahead of the people waking up at 6:30 am.

Heck, if you wake up between 4 am and 5 am you can get at least a fifth of your daily goals by 6:30 and at least half of them done by 9 am.  When your competition is just waking up you will already have achieved the momentum required to be productive for that day.


This one is incredibly important.  People who are successful remain hopeful and persistent even in the face of failure.  In The Ten Pillars of Wealth: Mindsets of the World’s Richest People Alex Becker cites Com Mirza, who had 9 business plans that failed and on the tenth try he came up with the plan that made him millions.

When Steve Jobs was effectively ousted from Apple, he remained productive nonetheless.  He created Pixar and generated momentum to come back to Apple with a vengeance later.

Persistence in the face of failure and never giving up are the keys to living a successful life.  If there is one thing that you take away from this article, let it be this one because not giving up will lead you to accomplish more than what a lot of people would dream of.


Thank you for reading this article and if you know of any other habits that some of the most wealthy and successful people practice, please share them in the comments below. Until next time, take care!

2 thoughts on “5 Things Wealthy and Successful People Do

  1. fantastic article on habits of successful people. I’m trying to improve myself and reading your tips will help me get started. I especially like the one about getting up early in the Morning to gain a headstart on the day and to strategize a plan for the day.
    Kind regards, jeff.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the read!

      It’s always good to take time to plan everything out in your day so you are more organized and can manage time better. It also helps you create a compelling vision of what you want in the long term so you take small steps each day to reach that vision. Overall, getting up early and strategizing your day and get a morning routine accomplished will help you live a happier and more successful life.


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