The Truth and Fallacy of the Law of Attraction

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As someone who is very well ingrained into personal growth and development and who is well on his own journey towards that, I am very familiar with the concept of positive thinking.  Positive thinking is incredibly important. It helps relieve hopelessness and depression and gives people something to look forward to.

I have also found that visualizing the end product of the pursuit of my personal and professional goals has been and still is a great way to get clear on what it is I want to accomplish.  Visualization helped me to overcome depression and it also pushed me through the grueling hours of study when working on my bachelor degree in athletic training.

When you combine positive thinking and visualization you get what a lot self-development gurus call the Law of Attraction.  Essentially, the Law of Attraction states that if you can dream of accomplishing something, believe it can happen and visualize that it will happen the “Universe” will magically give you what you want in life.

A lot of this is based on pseudo-science that states that our brains emit certain frequencies, so therefore we get what we focus on because we “tune” our lives to the correct frequency and the Universe just provides.

What I have found during my 26-year journey through life so far, is that simply wishing for something to happen will not accomplish anything.  If I just laid in bed all day during college, wishing and believing that I would someday get my degree I would have wished myself into inevitable failure.

The idea that the “Universe” just provides things to you willy-nilly is a hoax and an idea that just reinforces laziness and procrastination, something we don’t want.

Where the Law of Attraction does become useful though, is that by thinking positively and visualizing positive results during hard times, you give yourself the strength to push through the difficulties in life while taking action toward your desired result.

This is what the self-help gurus will call “massive-action” and it is key if you want to make any sort of lasting change in your life.  I like how Les Brown once said that change in your life requires “patience and engaging in consistent action”.

Think about this for a second.  Say you want to get an Arnold Schwarzenegger like body after years of being morbidly obese.  You can’t just simply eat pizza and drink beer all day and then say over and over to yourself that you are going to lose weight.  Instead, you need to make the life changes that are necessary for such drastic improvement.

You would start by cutting out all the unhealthy food and drink that is making you obese and getting your butt to the gym on a consistent basis. You would then cut out all the excuses that exist such as not having enough time, being too tired or not having enough money for a gym membership. You see results when you want something bad enough that you take the necessary steps to make it happen.  And you see results when your drive laughs in the face of any pain or resistance you may face.

The Law of Attraction comes into play, sure.  But to say and believe that the universe is delivering you something is delusional at best and downright arrogant and narcissistic at worst.  If you live in the Western World, you create your own luck through massive action and dedication.

I would like to share with you about my experience in school and how simply wishing for something and depending on quantum physics to do the work for you will not get you anywhere.

As you may have read in previous articles, I struggled with my athletic training education for a while.  On paper, everything looked great. Grades were good, I had a good relationship with my classmates and professors and on the surface, I seemed happy.  However, my growth through the program was being stunted by the fact that I could not put my knowledge into hands-on application.

I was beginning to think that I should quit and not continue with the athletic training program. However, through being around good people who supported me I began to think more positively.  I then envisioned myself living a life as an athletic trainer and successfully applying what I was learning.

Thinking positively and visualizing made me feel better, but in the end it did not fix the issues that I was facing.

I will tell you what did fix my issues.

I was approached by my clinical director later in the fall semester my senior year who helped me get to the root psychological problem as to why I was failing with the clinical application of athletic training. This required meeting with her a few times and really getting in depth as to what was going on with me. This also required me to be vulnerable and allow myself to

After making effort towards not overthinking and improving my own knowledge base, my skills improved.  This was the key ingredient towards having a successful senior year in the program. This “action” I took, made the law of attraction work for me.

So if we add the component of “action” into our Law of Attraction formula, we can see that through persistent and consistent effort in addition to visualization and positive thinking we end up manifesting our dreams.

However, if you believe that by simply thinking your way to success is going to work for you, I am going to have to say that you will be sorely disappointed.

Too many people want to reach success without getting their hands dirty. But getting your hand dirty is what makes success so worthwhile.  If you want to have success but you don’t want to grind, hustle and struggle to get there, I am sad to tell you that you will get nowhere in life.

If you have any personal struggles of your own you’d like to share with us, please leave them in the comments below and if you found this article of value, I welcome you to share this on social media.  Until next time, take care!

2 thoughts on “The Truth and Fallacy of the Law of Attraction

  1. Hi Zack,

    One of my favorite writers, William Faulkner, was almost failed by an English teacher. Apparently this teacher thought the long stream of consciousness that Faulkner was found of using showed that he was a lazy and sloppy writer. Faulkner never gave up and in fact received the Noble Price for Literature in 1949.

    On a more personal level I liked the honesty in which you describe your failures that you eventually learned to turn into success. I think the thought “you only have to be right once to be successful,” is a great synthesis of your message.

    1. Exactly, for most endeavors in life all you have to do is have one success out tens, hundreds or even thousands of failures to achieve the life you want. The important part is that you believe it is possible and take action consistently every day.

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