6 Ways to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions

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Negativity is everywhere.  When you open the newspaper or turn on the TV you will always see something awful that happened somewhere in the city, state, country or world.  When you look at comments on a YouTube video or Facebook, there is always someone somewhere trolling the web and spreading negative ideas or opinions because they had a bad day at work or somebody looked at them the wrong way.

If you look at forums for internet entrepreneurship or personal advice, you will see people all the time saying that it is impossible to make six figures, the odds are always stacked against you or there are no good men/women to date anymore. They do this due to self-limiting beliefs that prevent them from succeeding.  Negativity is everywhere around us and when you leave your thoughts to their own devices, there are corresponding emotions that may follow such as hopelessness, depression or anger. You may then begin to become a part of the problem that exists in the world because your focus is geared on things that jade you.

I have been guilty of this myself and so I have dealt with low self-esteem and depression for a long time. Though tempting it may be to let the world embitter you, it is important that you do not, and live your life as fully as possible.  It is important that you teach yourself to monitor your thoughts and to not let someone or something define how your life is going to turn out.  You must be a beacon in the darkness, someone who will be a light of positivity amid all the evil and negative people out there.

You might think to yourself: well if there is so much negativity, how can I possibly adopt a positive attitude about the world?

Like I said before, it is very easy and tempting to allow the world to jade you. Especially if it seems like the world slips further and further into wickedness every day.  There is good news, you don’t have to be a part of that negativity and here are some ways how:

Know that negative thoughts can make their way into your mind and be on guard for them:

I face negative thoughts all the time, there is no way to completely get rid of them. Therefore you need to accept that they will come and go.  I look at my negativity the same way I look at the wind, it is there right now but it will go away, especially by acknowledging the negativity and not allow myself to be taken by it.  When you accept that negativity will come and by allowing it to go without entertaining it you will be able to prevent yourself from succumbing to a negative mindset.

Monitor your thoughts at all times for negativity:

Although you should accept that negative thoughts will enter your mind, you need to make sure that you monitor your thoughts so that you don’t entertain them.  Not entertaining negative thoughts is not a passive process, it is ongoing and hard work at first especially if you are used to wallowing in negativity.

Just like breaking any bad habit, monitoring your thoughts for negativity and counter-acting it with positivity will require consistent conscious effort.  This may be the hardest the first month but if you follow the Fourth Pillar of Empowerment and surround yourself with good people you will find that this is easier because others around you will be positive as well.  They may also keep you in check and remind you to check your self-talk if they believe you are going down a negative path.

This was extremely helpful for me when I struggled with negativity.  Anytime my two good friends from college heard me say anything negative or self-defeating, they immediately told me that I was going down a bad road and I had to consciously re-route my thinking.  It got to the point where one them would just say “Zach, shut up” and I would realize I was saying something negative about myself.  Tough love like this is important and something to look for in order to follow the Fourth Pillar effectively.

Say positive things about yourself and your situation out loud:

This should be part of your morning routine.  When you get out of the shower in the morning, look in the mirror tell yourself how awesome you are and how thankful you are to be alive today. If you have a challenging day ahead at work embrace the difficulty rather than dreading it.  Tell yourself that overcoming this obstacle will lead to growth and will help you improve.

You should say that although today may bring pain, this pain will make me stronger and better than I was before.  Also, tell yourself that you will not let the difficulty of a tough day at work bring you down.  Tell yourself that you will succeed and if you do fail it will be a learning experience that will also make you a better person in the long run.

Be Thankful:

Having gratitude for all the blessings in your life is very important if you want to be able to think positively amid negativity in the world.  Be thankful that you are alive today like I mentioned before.  If you have good health be thankful for that. Be grateful if you have family and friends who are positive influences in your life and support you no matter what you are going through and be glad that you have food on the table and a warm bed.  By reminding yourself of these things consistently you will find it very difficult to allow negative people and situations to affect you.

Avoid the Comments Section on Social Media:

You’ve got to love social media. For all its conveniences and benefits to society it has become a cesspit of negativity. Comments on videos, blogs or statuses are sometimes riddled with the negativity of internet trolls and bullies.  It is important that you censor their filth from your life by not reading comments from people who you do not know.

If you have a blog of your own, make sure you can monitor comments and pre-approve them before they are displayed.  You can’t control what other people do but you can control what you consume. Speaking of consuming things, I would probably limit how much you pay attention to the news as well.

Be Kind:

The adage holds true, to feel good you should do good.  To be kind means that you are always wishing for the well-being of other people and you never lash out in anger towards people.  So instead of flipping the bird when that guy in the Porsche cuts you off Monday morning why not let the next person in if they need to change lanes.  And keep the birdie in the cage when you do get cut off. Returning negativity with more negativity only creates a feedback loop that creates more misery for people. Keep in mind being kind does not mean letting other people walk over you, it simply means you should not be rude or disrespectful to others as that only contributes to your misery.

We all face negativity each day but we always have a choice on whether to let that negativity bring us down.  Most people in our society internalize the negativity and spread it themselves.  A lot of people put others down because they think it will help them feel better which never accomplishes anything and often can be toxic and destructive.  Always be kind and always be positive even if there are no apparent reasons to be that way. By being like this, happiness will be inevitable.

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