To See Success, You Must Get Rid of Mediocrity

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Mediocrity is a common temptation we all face.  Some succumb to it more than others and it is a horrible way to go about life.

Yesterday morning I was in the cafeteria of the community college that I go to and I overheard someone saying how they are going to quit drinking soda because they don’t work out or do anything else productive with their life.

This really bothered me. Not the soda part but the not doing anything productive in life.

Why would this person ever not want to be productive in her life? Doesn’t she understand that to have a happier and more fulfilling life you must have productive days, instead of binge watching Netflix all day and drinking beer?

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Netflix and beer (unless you’re an alcoholic) but to consign each day to doing so is a waste of your life.

We wonder why people are so depressed in Western society and I believe it is because people often settle for mediocrity.  They ignore the second pillar of empowerment by settling for something that isn’t right for them, that won’t make them happy.

This is because to them, it is simply easier for them to stay put in their mediocrity rather than pursue something that is in line with their purpose and values in life.

In other words, they are comfortable with their mediocrity.

To be comfortable with mediocrity means to die slowly and to be miserable. It is not an empowering way to live at all. That is why we should all be allergic to this mediocrity.

Now, when I talk about mediocrity, I am not saying that people are settling for jobs that don’t pay well, I’m saying that people are underperforming in their lives because they believe it is too hard for them to show up.

It is too hard to show up because to do so means you have to go through some adversity and resistance and even step outside your comfort zone a bit. And that scares the heck out of people.

What you do does not have to necessarily make tons of money, but it does need to add value to people’s lives. And it also needs to be something that you find joy in doing at least the majority of the time. That is the definition of showing up in life.

Working at McDonald’s for 20 years as a cashier 8 hours a day and playing video games in your mom’s basement for the other 10-16 is not going to make much of an impact in the world.

And you can’t effectively make an impact doing a job that pays well and you work hard at but you absolutely hate. This is because when you hate something, you settle for mediocrity in that you will not give that job your absolute best. You will always find ways to half-ass it.

So, what do we do?

First of all, we all need to figure out what our life purpose is.  We all need to find something that gets us excited, will make an impact on the world and provide income for us to meet our basic needs and even some of our wants.

When these three ingredients are applied to our careers, we will have a sense of fulfillment knowing that we can give our all to something that we truly believe in, that makes a difference in other people’s lives and pays well.

That is why I am working towards becoming a physical therapist and why I currently work as a caregiver while taking the pre-requisite classes for physical therapy school.

Even though working as a caregiver does not pay the greatest, I am able to give my clients my all because I know that what I do is making a positive difference in their lives.

I also continue to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives by writing this blog and I intend to use affiliate marketing to promote products on this site that I believe will help people become better versions of themselves.

I will also make an impact in other peoples’ lives through becoming a physical therapist someday and opening my own private practice.

Doing all of these things brings happiness and fulfillment to my life because I enjoy doing them and I know they will help people.

So, the point of me saying all this is that if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life, you can’t settle for a job that you hate, you can’t settle for something that doesn’t add value to people’s lives and you can’t settle for doing a less than excellent job at doing that thing that you love and adds value.

This means you need to be productive, it means you must get your hands dirty. That could mean studying for that test so you can get an A, going to a networking event to meet people in the industry you’re interested in or putting in the long tough hours into your business so it can become financially viable. Whatever it is, you must grind and hustle until you become successful at whatever you are going to do and then grind and hustle some more.

I want you to be allergic to mediocrity and put in your 110% into whatever it is you decide to do, and the only way to be able to put in 110% and be rid of mediocrity is to do what you enjoy doing, make sure it adds value to the world and make it financially viable for yourself and others.

Your Occupation Shouldn’t be the Only Area You Should Work On:

When you become averse to mediocrity in your career, you should translate that aversion to your personal life as well.

You should not settle for an unfit body, you should join a gym and work on your body so that you become healthier and set yourself up for less medical problems later in life.

When you are in a marriage or a relationship with someone, if that person invests back you should give that person in 110% as well. You should work on becoming the best version of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and make sure that you continue to grow with your partner through communication versus allowing the relationship to stagnate.

So, if you found this article to be of value to you be sure to share on social media and if you have any ideas on how to avoid mediocrity please leave it in the comments section below. Also, leave your own story of overcoming mediocrity if you have one.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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